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Did you know that 19.5% of the U.A.E population is now living with diabetes?

Good Habits has been operating for 10 years in Dubai and has built an excellent reputation as a caring and supportive organization that gets successful results by helping people to manage their weight and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Good Habits core beliefs are to support and help people make permanent changes in their life by keeping them highly motivated. The whole approach is based upon education in healthy eating with a lifestyle that is sensible and flexible. A combination of approaches is vital including a healthy diet, being more active and a change in day-to-day thoughts and behaviour; a new way of life for all.

Good Habits focuses on educating people to understand and appreciate how easy it is to follow a healthy way of eating. Since the plan is simple and flexible, it can fit into everyone’s lifestyle. The plan is based on the principles of healthy eating agreed by experts worldwide.

5 top reasons why companies buy our 6 week healthy eating programme

· Healthy employees mean less sickness and absenteeism
· Reduces health costs.
· Increased confidence and self esteem
· Increases efficiency in the workplace
· Welfare – shows your employee that the company cares, increased morale.



Why Does The Six Week Programme Work?

This course is designed for ALL employees, not only those who need to lose weight, but also those who are at an ideal weight because Good Habits is all about improving your eating habits.


Learn how easy it is to make simple changes and move towards a healthier lifestyle.


Discover practical solutions to many challenges they face within their present lifestyle. 


Understand the importance of change, not only to their diet, but to their activity levels, thoughts and behaviour. 


Participate within a group environment, benefitting from the power of group support and motivation. 


Recognise the advantages to health and well-being within this six week course and be inspired to continue with a healthier and more fulfilling life. 


1. What is healthy eating?
2. Get the exercise habit.
3. Importance of fruits and vegetables.
4. Eating the right foods can reduce your risks to many diseases.
5. Healthy eating when eating out and socializing.
6. Motivation how to make Good Habits the new way of life.

Good Habits will provide all the help and support necessary for your employees to lose weight or simply develop improved eating habits leading to a healthier way of life. Although the core of the programme is focused on healthy eating, Good Habits also teaches a sensible approach to weight loss.


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