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Carole Holditch

As the creative force behind the Good Habits phenomenon, Carole Holditch’s strength as a motivator is derived from her passionate commitment to helping others lose and manage their weight through healthy eating. Carole understands the struggles of dealing with weight management and her own experience has shown her that the benefits spill over into many other areas of one’s life such as improved health, boundless energy, more confidence and increased self-esteem.

Originally from a catering background, Carole has always had a keen interest in food and nutrition and it was while working at St Anthony’s Heart Specialist Hospital in the UK that she realised the implication of diet and lifestyle to health and well being. Here, she completed an RSH Nutrition Diploma and embarked on her own personal weight loss odyssey that radically changed her outlook on life. Carole herself lost 42lbs, 20 years ago and still successfully maintains this weight loss.

The creation of Good Habits now provides the platform from which she is able to motivate others to make that change and enjoy the same joy and well-being she has experienced through the mastery of weight management and healthy lifestyle choices. As such, Good Habits is more than just a weight loss program; it is a powerful motivation and support network intent on helping people to manage their weight and lead a healthier lifestyle through Good Habits.


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